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Girl blackmailed to do sex stuff

This teen girl is blackmailed to show her body, and forces her to fuck herself with a brush and other stuff on webcam.

Dark Scandals offers real videos of blackmail, rape, forced and passed out teens and a lot more. Alle videos are real and not available at normal sex site.

White girl blackmailed

This white girl is blackmailed to take her clothes off on webcam. She refusses in the beginning, but after a while she has no choise....

Darkscandls fans!

This fangirl sended us her (nude) pictures because she really liked our site. .....
(Exception! Please do NOT send us your nudies, because we are about blackmail, real rape and extreme videos only!)

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DarkScandal Pack 6 is out now !

On this site we offer a lot of real blackmail, real rape, real forced and a lot more rare videos of girls.

Update January 5, 2017 | Note our official sitelink is now in the darkweb:
You can still acces our site on the normal internet using this link:

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Darkscandals Pack 6 is available since June 20, 2016.

* For people who receives the older 5 packs after June 15, 2016 by contributing to the site (sending a rare video or paying with bitcoin) will receive pack 6 for free.
* (Others who paid or did send a video before June 15, 2016, must make a contribution again to the site to receive pack 6)

Screenshots of some of the video's below:

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